Boarding Policies

Boarding Policies

SOCIALIZED BOARDING:   Your pet lives in our home, and is treated as member of our family while boarding with us.  We allow all dog residents to play and sleep together if they so choose so they must be spayed or neutered.   We can only accept dogs that are friendly and non-aggressive toward other animals and people.  We cannot accept aggressive breed dogs. To introduce your pet to us and our home please make a free “get acquainted” appointment to see how well he/she reacts to socialized boarding.  Just like children, dogs will have squabbles.  If any aggressive fighting does occur, we use water spray or loud sounds to stop fights.  We never administer abusive punishment. 

PROOF OF VACCINATIONS and FLEA PREVENTION:  All dogs must be current on vaccinations.   Rabies vaccine is required yearly by East Baton Rouge Parish.  You must provide us proof in the form of a copy of your Vet. invoice listing their current vaccinations.  You should have your pet on a flea preventative.   We keep our yard flea sprayed and keep our home clean and haven’t had any problems with fleas, but there is always a chance in Louisiana that your pet could get a flea while being outside.   

PERSONAL ITEMS:   If your dog is attached to a toy or bedding, you may bring it but please put his/her name on everything using a permanent marker.  Toys or bedding can be damaged while here and we cannot guarantee its return in the condition you brought it. 

DOG FOOD AND TREATS:  It is important that your pet remain on the same food that you are currently feeding him/her.  Changing their diet suddenly can cause unpleasant digestion and diarrhea issues.   Please bring the dog food that your pet is currently eating.  Put his/her name and portion size on the bag.  Any special directions should be written on a card or note and placed in the bag of food.    We use Purina Dog Chow and Purina Beneful Healthy Weight.  If you use the same product and want us to use our pet food, there will be a $3.00 per day charge.  We use Milk Bone and Purina Alpo Variety Snaps for treats.  If your dog cannot have any of these, please let us know.  If your dog has allergies or issues with food we cannot guarantee they won’t be exposed or find pieces in the feeding area.

MEDICATIONS:   Please discuss medications via email before delivering your dog to us.  We charge $3.00 per day for tablet and liquid medications.  Injections will be $3.00 per injection.

 BUSINESS HOURS:   Our hours are 7am to 7pm.  Before and after hours drop off or pick up can be arranged for an additional $10.00 charge for each extension. 


·      24-hour boarding is $25 for 1 dog and $20 for each additional dog per          owner.
·      Puppies (6 mos. to 1 yr.) 24-hour boarding is $35 per puppy.
·      Bathing:  small dog is $10, medium dog is $15. Long hair is additional charge depending on length and thickness.  Blow dry and brushing is additional $5.00.
·     Meals (our dog food): $1.00 per cup.
·     Grooming and Vet visits while boarding:  $35 up to 5 miles, $40 up to 10 miles.
·     After-hours pick up or drop off:  $10 for each extension  

PAYMENT:   Payment must be made at time of reservation.  We accept cash, check and PayPal. Please make check to THADYS HALL.

LOUISIANA LAW:  Abandoning your dog here is a violation of Louisiana law.

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